67886 Hwy 26

Welches, OR


1614279_639975602730643_584286793_oWhen I woke up last Saturday I had no inkling this dream was bursting into being. The Facebook post said “We are still looking for someone with culinary experience to work in the kitchen.. We would consider renting the space to someone who wants to open their own cafe.” Hold up, what’s that? Did they just offer space in a local organic market right up the road? Color me giddy! After some quick discussion of the mundane details (start up costs, deposits and expectations) I leapt fearlessly into this deep pool of possibility. And here we sit…

The bistro is the current incarnation of a life long love of cooking and the journey to find safe, sustainable food for our family. I began formal study of nutrition and our food system several years ago. Studying the politics of food and the horrifying conditions in which most animal products are produced resulted in the near end of our dining out adventures. The risks were not worth the convenience with all of the industrially produced vegetable oils, GMOs and chemicals in fast food and most restaurants.

Out with the old and in with the new! It was Gandhi who said we must be the change we wish to see in the world and that is definitely a philosophy I can get behind.

A bistro is born… Sissymama is a term of endearment coined by the tiniest chef (June Bug) in our kitchen.  You may find him covered in coconut flour and butter, donning a red chef’s hat and carrying on about paté and kale on your next trip the café. Other cast members include myself  (Amber) , Papa Wy and our girl Zoe be bopping behind the counter. Don’t be shy, come on down and say howdy.

This has all been such a whirlwind that we are deep in the process of figuring out the best ways to serve you. Please be patient, and feel free to let us know what ya like, what is not your favorite and anything else that you think may help us best serve you and our other neighbors.

Our menu will be omnivorous with seasonal dishes of the day. Preparation techniques will be in line with the principles of Weston A. Price and the kind of comfort food that leaves you satiated and excited about your food. We will always offer a warm vegetarian option in addition to pasture raised animal products from farmers we trust. Everything served here is 100 percent GMO free, organic and we use the freshest most local ingredients wherever we can. Sissymama’s aspires to price dishes in a way that we, our famers, the animals and our community benefit from being honored with a living wage, ideal living conditions and the ability to serve through nutritional education and public outreach.

The January menu below is a sample of the types of cuisine you can expect. We will start slowly with a couple of soups of the day, sandwiches and salads. As we grow, we will offer samples first to experiment with what you love and add the delectable items you crave most. We are cruising and learning along side of you. If you are patient with us as we grow, I promise to put every morsel of love in my heart into each new culinary delight.

All love,



P.S. On specialty diets: As we grow we will offer many grain free, gluten free and SCD/ GAPS friendly dishes. Please note: We do not have the facility space to serve completely non-allergenic foods. Any restaurant can say they offer “gluten free” options but unless the kitchen is completely gluten free this is not accurate. Our kitchen will also serve nuts. We will offer the healthiest options we can but please keep in mind that if you have severe allergies or a health condition that requires meticulous attention to diet it is always best to eat from your own kitchen where all variables can be controlled.